It is possible to transform your body after the age of 30. It’s such a common thing for us to use age as a limiting factor and for our lack of progress. “My metabolism has slowed down now that I’m older” – sound familiar? Trust me, I am guilty of using this infamous line too! Lol

As a 36-year-old woman, personal trainer/health & fitness coach – I have never been more convinced and confident in the fact that it is indeed possible to transform your body at ANY damn age. I have witnessed/am witnessing insane physical transformations in my experience as a coach. My client base is all women between the ages of 33-54 and some of them were completely new to training and lifting weights for the first time. It is incredible and inspiring to see how these women have progressed, not only with physical strength and improved body composition – but also with confidence.

I started my health & fitness journey in 2014 (age 27) and it’s only now (age 36) that I am seeing and feeling real change in my body. I never thought it would be possible to feel my best now in my late 30s as opposed to what I did in my 20s.

So, how is this possible? How do we age in reverse and become the best versions of ourselves as we get older?

The first step is to BELIEVE that you can change, because you can. As women, we all know how complex our bodies are (these bodies go through the most) and sometimes it can be difficult to believe that we can achieve our goals and desired physique. It’s a serious mindset shift but you have to believe it and prove it to yourself.

The truth is that as we get older, we cannot afford to slow down and relax. After the age of 30, we need to be more aware of our bodies and the many challenges that come with aging. We lose muscle tissue and bone density each year and in turn, overall strength declines putting us at higher risk of illness and injury. Our activity level decreases as we are simply not as active anymore. All this on top of hormonal shifts (fun times) and any other physical challenges. This might seem daunting & depressing AF but the good news is that we can prevent all of this through smart nutrition and training.

If you are reading this and you want to improve your physical appearance, tone up (build muscle and lose body fat), and become the strongest/healthiest/happiest/most confident version of yourself – the time is NOW. Keep reading!

Important note: There are no secrets, no unsustainable diets/quick fixes and it’s definitely not groundbreaking. You don’t have to eat foods you don’t enjoy, remove carbs or any of your favourite foods, spend hours in the gym or spend unnecessary money on silly things such as “fat burning” products.

It’s actually really simple. I won’t say it’s easy but they’re simple concepts. If you focus on building these habits over time and be consistent (not perfect) in your efforts – I guarantee you will succeed. Here are my guidelines:

– Daily walking/movement
– 2-4 strength training sessions per week (lifting weights)
– 7-8 hours of quality sleep
– Educating and empowering yourself with knowledge on how to eat for your goal (this is a game changer)
– A nutrient dense diet consisting of 80% whole foods – prioritizing protein and fibre
– 1-2 cardio sessions per week
– Stress management
– You have to be patient and trust the process

I know we don’t always want to hear this last point, but results and progress take time and you have to be patient. Incorporating and sustaining new habits takes time and consistent practice and it’ll be uncomfortable at times. You have to be mentally prepared, ready and 100% willing to be in it for the long haul and learn how to love and appreciate your body through it all. The journey won’t be perfect – you will make mistakes and fall off the wagon every now and then, but this is how it goes and it’s completely normal. We are human beings after all! I don’t think we give ourselves enough grace and credit for everything that we do.

Have you guys heard of a woman called Joan Macdonald? She started her journey at the age of 70. Here’s a quick little video for you to watch for some inspo. The video pretty much speaks for itself. It’s incredible. Watch here.

Prioritise yourself. Fall in love with the process. Keep going. Surround yourself with supportive people who want you to succeed. Challenge yourself. Commit to your goals. Do the best you can. Ask for guidance. Keep visualising the best version of you.

Love you,