– Liska

“I cannot thank Lee enough for the incredible online personal training experience! Despite being virtual, Lee tries to make it feel just as engaging and effective as in-person ones. Her dedication shines through as she goes the extra mile, hopping on calls to demonstrate exercises in real-time when needed. Lee provides detailed comments on each exercise, offering valuable insights for improvement.


Beyond the workouts, Lee extends her support by providing nutritional guidance and offering help in any way she can. Her motivation is contagious, and her commitment to my fitness journey is truly commendable. Lee, you absolutely rock! I am grateful for your expertise, encouragement, and the positive impact you’ve had on my fitness goals. Cheers to looking and feeling lekker!”

– Lamiese

“Firstly I just want to say that you make training fun! You make it relevant! You make it challenging! You push me hard aka you call me out on my laziness with the light weights. You also make it so easy to follow with the demo videos and the feedback given on each video submission. I honestly feel like I have you right beside me even though I am on your online program. Secondly (after a lot of firstly’s) is that you are

one of the most authentic people I know! Before I even signed up on your program you were always available to give tips. I remember when I first found you and started following along on your YouTube workouts and even joined your live training sessions- such a beautiful soul!!
However back to what I came to write about. I have become stronger since I have joined your program-it has helped push me when I needed it and it helps me be accountable and aids in my consistency. You never make me feel like it’s an all of nothing vibe! You make me feel like I am doing the most given my current life situations and goals- and that makes a world of a difference because I train because I like to and get to move my body- not because I’m afraid my coach will give me negative feedback or shame me in anyway!! I would 10/10 recommend you to anyone because you don’t just make personal training which is supposed to be virtual feel like I have you right next to me training me- you also found a way to make it affordable! You definitely show how passionate you are about helping others live a fit life! THANKS LEE FOR EVERYTHING AND FOR BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF! “

– Jamie-Lee

“Signing up with (fitlifewith) Lee has been one of the best decisions I made in 2023! I have learnt so much in the last year with regards to what nutrition, health and fitness really is. She always comes with a burst of energy and positivity which is amazing, especially for the days you feel like you can’t do it. I promise you, you are not just another customer or subscriber. It’s so much more personal with Lee and she
puts in every effort to understand your fitness and health goals. I look forward to continuing my journey getting fit (lifewithLee)! I could go on about how amazing she is but sign up and you get to experience it first hand!”


– Melanie

“If you are looking for a personal trainer with expert knowledge and experience and who will make every effort to ensure you reach your personal health and fitness goals, then you need to be working with Lee-Anne. I have trained with her at some of the Virgin active classes for nine months.


During this time she has shown herself to have an incredible knowledge of health and fitness and understands that every body is unique. These two elements combined is what makes her a phenomenal trainer; they enable her to tweak the exercise to suit your body in its uniqueness allowing you to get the maximum out of each exercise safely. I continue to train with her weekly and every session with her has become very precious to me as she is kind, patient and dedicated to me achieving my personal goals.”

– Neo (prenatal)

“I met Lee-Anne back when she was a trainer at Virgin Active and she was the reason why I took weight training seriously. After seeing results by just consistently going to her classes, I knew she had something special. What appealed to me the most was her candid and honest way of really getting


in better shape, the basics – consistency, consistency and consistency. When she left the gym to venture on her own, I set my mind that when I got the opportunity – she would be my personal trainer. Fast forward to the moment I fell pregnant – Lee was the perfect person to approach to get back on track! I cannot even begin to tell you the benefits of training during pregnancy especially with such a goal-oriented, consistency-beast like Lee. She was the reason I woke up every Monday at 7am to get up and do something for myself and the baby. My progress during our workout sessions were clearly seen by family and especially my midwife who always said that “I really look good”. I would describe my pregnancy as smooth and all that really showed was my boobs and tummy. I never felt “heavy” as the weight training with Lee help me to be stronger each week and I was able to carry my growing weight. The love, encouragement and support I received from Lee was incredible as this was a time where you have to accept that your body is changing and the fear of not being able to “snap back” after birth. She helped me not to worry about that but focus on being consistent and getting stronger. I am currently 4 weeks postpartum and I didn’t look pregnant after a few days. My recovery is going well and for some reason, my baby looks like the athlete! Haha! I guess start them while they are young – or perhaps “healthy and strong babies are made during pregnancy”. I would highly recommend any mom-to-be to not fear weight training during pregnancy and choose Lee for your journey. Pregnancy is a time of massive change and your body will demand a lot from you to bring up a healthy child. So invest in yourself to get stronger both mentally and physically. You will not regret it. Thank you Lee for all your support and what you do for your clients. You are a gem and I am looking forward to continuing this journey with you!”

– Dipalesa

“I started following Lee on Instagram in 2021 and found her content and most importantly her approach to fitness refreshing. I was so delighted when she took the leap to pivot her business model to offering client home and online based training. Not only is Lee an exceptional trainer on a technical level, she


is in every sense a coach, taking into account all dimensions of wellness. I’ve gained both physical and emotional strength through working with her.”

– Vicky

“I started working with Lee to step change my fitness regime, I had always been a fan of cardio group exercise classes, so one on one coaching and strength training was a step out of my comfort zone. 6 months on after starting my journey I have honestly never been in such great shape before both


physically and mentally! Lee has taught me to really prioritise myself and she is an amazing coach and support. We chat, we laugh, we train all at the same time and I can’t wait to see the results form the next 6 months!”


– Aphiwe

“I absolutely love training with Lee-Anne. It’s the perfect amount of challenge but also being chilled and the sessions give me a great opportunity to work on myself. She started out by helping me think about my goals and that really motivated me to be consistent with my training sessions.


 I’ve also learnt a lot about the importance of technique, and the way we train has made a pain issue I had for months with my knees completely disappear. I feel so much stronger and know it’s only going to get better! I’d recommend her to anyone looking to build their strength for the long term, while looking more toned and fit in a matter of months!”


– Renay

“I’ve never really seen the benefit of a personal trainer, UNTIL I MET LEE! Normally I would merely take the usual Virgin Active aerobics classes, but after trying out her Power Pump class that she was teaching at the time , I was convinced that this professional  trainer could help me


accomplish my physical fitness goals.After joining Lee’s clientele base, I have managed to consistently accomplish every realistic goal set. She cares and will definitely get you over the finish line. Of course, the relationship works both ways, you’ve got to put in the effort and commit to the process. After that, it’s smooth sailing. I’m committed to my personal development goals with Lee and she’s just as invested in me as I am for myself.”


– Venessa

“I have been working with my Lee-Anne for the past 6 months, and I can already see positive results, especially in my legs. She has provided me with the motivation and support I need to stay consistent in terms of my training. She is an invaluable source of guidance and knowledge throughout my journey. I am thankful!

– Hazelene

“I started my health and fitness journey with Lee-Anne just 8 months ago and feel stronger both mentally and physically. She has helped me to remain consistent and healthy throughout. Looking forward to continuing this amazing journey with her. I’ve never felt more confident and strong! Thank you for the incredible support.”

– Rina

“Lee-Anne focused on my posture and technique for each exercise. I look stronger and much more confident. She never made me continue any exercise if there was pain or uncomfortable feelings, she rather worked around that with another exercise. No other personal trainer would go the extra mile but Lee-Anne. Thank you.”


“Lee-Anne was the first instructor who introduced me to weight training. The effort that she put into us/our classes was unreal. She corrected my form and advised when it was time to increase or decrease the weight. Her enthusiasm was contagious and I kept coming back to her classes and weight training became part of my life. Lee-Anne’s knowledge was what impressed me – before each set she talked us through the ‘dos’ and ‘donts’ and demonstrated  the correct form – the information was extremely valuable and to this day I apply what I have learned from her. I have been injury free for a couple of years. Lee-Anne’s sessions were also interactive as she wanted to hear feedback and knew everyone by name, which made it so much more personal. Lee gave me the confidence and made us believe in our abilities and what our bodies could do. I will forever be grateful to her. Not only my strength, but also my mental health improved. Thank you for being our best coach!” Masha 

“Lee-Anne is the most knowledgeable and patient personal trainer I have ever met. She knows how to bring out the best in her clients. Taking her class taught me so much about the importance of strength training and trusting your body to do what it can do. I was scared to lift weights because I thought I’d become “bulky” but through taking her classes she shared so much insights and advice on the importance of strength training. I love her energy and focus towards her craft. It is really motivating and honesto inspiring.” Hluma
“Massive big fan of Lee-Anne’s classes. Her spirit and energy are so contagious. Her classes vary in content making it all the more fun. A stickler for correct form too – huge bonus for keeping those ageing bodies in full operation mode without injury. Her focus on strenght training is so on point as the world is opening up to the fact that skeletal muscle is the key to longevity!  Huge thank you for all your encouragement and support all these many years. I now have the confidence of approaching my 50’s knowing I have prepped my body for all the changes fast approaching.” Rakhee & Kaval

“I thoroughly enjoyed Lee-Annes classes and made sure I never miss them. I loved that her classes aren’t just fun and challenging but also informative. She made the effort of giving us extra information about all the exercises we did, and ensured our form was correct. She encouraged us to be kinder to ourselves during our fitness journey and to keep trying. Her ability to ensure your progress while gently pushing you each time is great. What an amazing trainer!!” Anele

“Lee-Anne is an amazing gym instructor. I attended most of her classes at Virgin Active. Lee-Anne teaches as she trains, explaining how each exercise impacts which body part. She also knew everyone by name which made you feel welcome and comfortable. Lee-Anne is friendly, patient and kind.  Very knowledgeable about achieving and maintaining good health through exercise and good nutrition. Her playlist was awesome too. Don’t let the pretty face and tiny frame deceive you, she is MIGHTY powerful & EXCELLENT at what she does.” Titi

“Lee-Anne is the best fitness instructor/coach ,I have had the honour of attending her power pump classes at Virgin Active since 2020. Her attention to detail in correcting posture and technique during the classes have not only improved my end results physically but it has assisted me in preventing injuries and allowed me to actually enjoy working out. She’s passionate about fitness and nutrition it’s always a joy to work out with her” Gillian

“I attended both group exercise classes and personal training sessions with Lee-Anne. 

Any time spent with Lee-Anne was fantastic. Her knowledge and her enthusiasm for me to do well was always above and beyond. She is very professional and guides you every step of the way with correct techniques etc. Very grateful for my time with her.” Gill
“The group sessions were great fun. You will be motivated, pushed and challenged to do better. The energy was awesome but what really got me coming back for more was Lee’s commitment to always give her very best. Constantly reminding us about technique and listening to our bodies.  Lee always keeps it real, no fluff or jargon. If you commit you get results. Thanks Lee!!” Habib
“Training with Lee gives you motivation to wake up, show up and continue training. The Monday and Friday morning pump classes were the best start and end to the week. The exercises were not rushed and methodical, which is perfect to me. I understood the why’s and how’s of each exercise I needed to perform. Lee has taught me that being physically active isn’t just an aesthetic thing but actually something that substantially improves your life overall.” Ntombi

“Lee-Anne’s classes and style of training is amazing!! She brings such a special energy to her classes. I love how she explains and performs each movement and her music choice is always so motivating. She is the most supportive and encouraging trainer I know. Thank you for everything you do.” Lorna

 “I thoroughly enjoyed Lee-Anne’s pump class and the positive atmosphere she created. She kept everyone motivated through upbeat music and regularly updating the exercises each week. She was also attentive to each individual, by not only remembering names, but by also correcting everyone’s form when necessary.
Not to mention, I enjoy her meal ideas on Instagram and regular updates on her own personal progress.” Essie
“Lee is such a wonderful person. She is helpful and attentive. I really like her. I liked how she would notice how I am working in class during our group sessions and would give lots of correction, feedback and praise. I also enjoy her YouTube videos, they have really helped me to achieve my weight loss goals.” Mbali

I would love to help you achieve your goals!