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1 July 2014 

This was me after my very first gym class. I was 27 years old. I remember how scary and intimidating it was. Everybody there was super strong and doing the most! I remember looking at the instructors and admiring them. I was in awe of their bodies and what they were capable of. I remember saying to myself that I needed to learn how to do a box jump because it looked so damn cool.

I decided to join the gym because yes, I wanted to change my lifestyle. But I wanted confidence more than anything else. I wanted to be strong, physically and mentally. I wanted a strong/muscular physique and just be hardcore AF. I wanted to love myself and feel good about myself and my body. 

Years past and I was still going. I’ve never stopped. I became addicted to bettering myself and I realised that the benefits of exercise and living a healthy/active lifestyle go way beyond aesthetics.

Self love, self acceptance, confidence, improved mental and physical health and quality of life is everything. I wouldn’t have had any of it if I hadn’t joined the gym (and kept at it). That’s a fact.

My mission is to provide you with knowledge and confidence to incorporate the best training and nutrition into your life. I don’t believe in quick fixes, and so I emphasize the importance of practicing and maintaining good lifestyle choices that are sustainable.

I want you to succeed and eventually be able to maintain your results on your own with absolute confidence. That (in my opinion) is proper success!

This will require you to be open to new ideas and be 100% ready & willing to follow my advice – I promise that you will see results.

Fun facts


I’m a qualified personal trainer (specialising in strength training) and group exercise instructor. I also know a sh*t load about nutrition and how to eat for your goal. I even wrote an Ebook on it.


I started my health and fitness journey in my late twenties. I joined a gym for the first time in 2014 and have never looked back.


I got my first fitness qualification for group exercise in 2017. I became obsessed with learning about the body, getting strong and helping others get strong. At the time, I never dreamed of having a full-time career in fitness. And here I am!


I played and taught music for most of my life and decided to step out of my comfort zone into the world of health and fitness. I wanted more and I wanted to challenge myself with my new found passion.


I love cooking and experimenting with food. Life is too short to be eating food you don’t enjoy.



I’m obsessed with my cat


I’m quite good at pool (not swimming, the balls lol)


I love going to the dentist. No jokes.


Knowledge in health & fitness

Confidence and belief in yourself

Improved mindset around health & fitness

To be strong and confident AF

To be set up for life-long success

The Ebook I was telling you about. If you’re interested ofcourse! Click to see the table of contents & you can decide if it could be helpful. (It will be if you’re clueless about how to eat for goal)


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