Lee’s Nutritional Guidelines Ebook: How to eat for your goal


Digital PDF

If you want to get started on learning about smart nutrition, improve your health, and elevate your results/body composition, this ebook is for you! Nutrition is the key to success and should be prioritized regardless of whether the goal is weight loss, weight maintenance, or weight gain/muscle gain. This manual will teach you everything you need to know about food, basic nutrition, how to eat for your goal without having to exclude your favorite foods, mindset, tips & tricks and SO much more!

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Knowledge is POWER! Maintaining your results in the long-term requires knowledge, understanding & 100% confidence in your food choices – regardless of any method of eating you choose. If you are following a meal plan, intermittent fasting, doing keto, a plant-based diet, anything at all – You still require knowledge and understanding to make the best food choices for your goal and succeed!

Chapters in the book include:

Chapter 1: What is a calorie?
Chapter 2: Calorie maintenance, deficit & surplus explained
Chapter 3: How to figure out your calories for your goal
Chapter 4: Macronutrients (macros) explained
Chapter 5: High volume VS Low volume foods
Chapter 6: Whole foods VS processed foods
Chapter 7: Building a healthy relationship with food
Chapter 8: Important things to remember when starting a deficit phase
Chapter 9: A sustainable calorie deficit for weight loss
Chapter 10: How to track your calories and macros in Myfitnesspal
Chapter 11: How to read food labels
Chapter 12: Calorie cycling
Chapter 13: How to eat in a calorie deficit without tracking calories
Chapter 14: How to maintain your weight after weight loss
Chapter 15: Tips for staying on track at social events/restaurants
Chapter 16: Creating the perfect balance with your nutrition 80/20
Chapter 17: Summary of the vibes
Chapter 18: Lee’s final notes

If you have ever struggled to reach your body goals, you owe it to yourself to gain the necessary knowledge you need for life-long success. You can do it!!!